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Applause Talent, Rising Talent Showcase, is a family-owned and operated organization. We personally select and invite regional directors, dance centers, theater companies, and individuals from all over the world to bring their talent to meet and perform for the top Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors in the industry, thereby offering a unique experience where aspiring performers can audition and interview with the best decision-makers in the business. Applause Talent, Rising Talent Showcase, is recognized by top industry leaders as simply the best and safest place in the world to pursue the entertainment industry.

Aspiring actors, singers, dancers, and models perform on our broadway-style and runway stages in various capacities: Monologues, Singing, Dancing, Fashion Runway, Swimsuit, Photography, etc. There are also on-camera performances for Film Scene, Improv, and TV Commercials. Then, everyone gets a chance to interview one-on-one with the participating agents! There’s nothing else like that offers such opportunity with the best the entertainment industry has to offer.

Where else can aspiring talent go to meet and perform for dozens of agents, managers, and casting directors? And where could those same agents go to meet talented performers all under one roof, from all over the country, in just a few days time? This is networking for both sides of the industry, and it’s a win-win situation from everyone!


Arguably the most important piece of what we do - We offer exposure to some of the top educational outlets in the United States aligned with educating casting directors, film producers, fashion designers, and more. Education and learning are vital as far as being able to provide the best opportunity for our talent.

We prep our participants and get them ready to hone their skills for Casting presentations. This can begin as early as signing up for auditions online - if you sign up early, you have more prep time for learning before the audition day. We take a personal touch and educate each participant differently so we can skyrocket their strengths and launch them to successful Castings.

If you receive a callback, there is even more education involved through one-on-one training and educational workshops leading up to the International Showcase. Throughout all of our educational process, you are working with the best. Our Development and Education Team is hand-picked, because Applause Talent only works with the best, to launch the best.


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All About Auditions

We hold many auditions throughout the year all across the United States. We welcome talented individuals whether they are models, singers, actors, or dancers. These are one-day auditions hosted by a premier talent scout from Applause Talent.

All callbacks meet with the Talent Scout and team to learn about the process leading up to the International Show they have been invited to participate in. We post our audition events to Facebook and Instagram as well as our website to ensure you are kept up to date.


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The Show

All of the auditions, education, and hard work lead up to a five day International Show produced by Applause Talent. We have two shows a year, Summer and Winter, in hot locations like New York, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Our participants say that this show gives them the real "Hollywood Experience".

We bring the top Managers, Castings, Producers, and Talent Agents from around the world to see our talent. This is a fully produced, professional showcase - but don’t be intimidated – Applause Talent, Rising Talent Showcase family is with you every step of the way to ensure you are prepared for this amazing opportunity.

The show is filled with 3 full performance days that include performances in Singing and Dancing, TV & Film Day (with monologues, television commercials, film scenes, and more), a fashion day and show, and it all ends with a talent show that highlights the best of the event.


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