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What We Do

The path to making it in the entertainment industry is never a straight line. The Applause Talent, Rising Talent Showcase, helps adults and youth aspiring to be actors, models, dancers, and singers cut through all of the red-tape in this industry to find healthy success. The goal of our experienced team is to guide talented individuals to the top with integrity, professionalism, and TALENT.

We find Agents, Castings, Managers, and Producers that we trust and have a long-lasting relationship with to help launch the careers of our talented participants.

Twice a year, we bring these top industry decision makers out to an event featuring our participants in a fully produced international talent showcase. The Applause Talent team and family is there every step of the way from auditions to the show, offering direction and education to prepare our participants for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Our Mission Statement

  • We strive to promote excellence and integrity without exception, from the audition to the performance stage. Igniting the passion of young actors, singers, dancers and models, substantiating their abiding dreams, and indicating focus and direction.
  • To encourage, educate, inspire, excite, and explore potential, while instilling good work ethics and the importance of honorable conduct.
  • We endeavor to be the best event in the business by bringing together the finest talent from across the country and the top decision-makers in the industry, giving fair representation and excellent exposure.
  • Our dedicated and experienced staff will always strive to be the best and pledge to use their knowledge and connections to teach, advise, and always support.

Our Vision

Our hope for each participant is that they learn persistence, patience, and perseverance while polishing and demonstrating their talent. That they can focus on making informed decisions about their future with solid support from family and friends.

Above all, our greatest desire is to build upon a foundation of confidence and self-esteem that will serve them not only in the entertainment business, but in anything they choose to do in life!

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Our Mission | ARTS Talent

Our Story

Kim & Rick Myers have been helping to make dreams come true for over 25 years! Together, they’ve launched hundreds of talented artists into the world of entertainment. New York Fashion Week, Broadway, Disney, CW’s Riverdale, Nickelodeon, SO You Think You Can Dance, ABC, CBS, NBC, and The Voice are among the many platforms our artists have reached. Kim’s background came from guiding others through motivational speaking and it’s from that experience that she discovered a passion for helping talented youth forge a path in a tough industry.

Both Kim and Rick believe that talents are true gifts that need to be used and gifted back to the world. Our number one priority has always been providing an environment that is not only safe but productive for both the talent and their families. Kim started at a local agency in Cleveland, OH as an administrative director. After learning about the industry, falling in love with it, and gaining more valuable experience, she decided to start her own company where she could add her own “style” and personal touch to the work she loved.

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Talent, Integrity & Opportunity Beyond Compare

Rick, Kim, and the entire Applause Talent Staff are whole-heartedly committed to carrying that credence throughout the entire process with friendly professionalism. Producing a successful International Showcase of talent comes from a combined process of rigorous preparation, professional skills, direction and education, and the hard work of both our staff and participants. With the Applause Talent family on your side, everything is possible.

A Note on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion from Kim & Rick

Our #1 goal in everything we do, is to make sure people feel valued and respected; from the employees in our office, to the agents we invite to our showcase, and the people who audition for us each year. By creating an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, respecting the rights of everyone, and not only accepting individual differences, but fully embracing them, we’ve seen our business grow. More importantly, we’ve seen individuals flourish and develop their talents…even discover new talents, as they venture into fresh experiences. It’s our hope that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, what you believe…no matter your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs…that you’ll feel accepted and loved at Applause Talent!


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